Call for Papers

Volume 4, Issue 1:

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We are pleased to inform you that Journal of Big data and Smart city is going to launch its next issue by July 2024. We would like to invite you to contribute a Research Paper for publication in the journal. The journal covers all areas of Big Data and Smart City and related domains. We publish only original research articles, review articles and technical notes. The journal intends to review papers within two weeks of submission and publishes accepted articles online

Submission Deadline1st January 2024
Final Notification from ReviewersTwo weeks after
Online PublishingJuly 2024

The journal shall publish up to date and original articles related to all aspects of ‘Big Data and Smart City’ for the benefit of research scholars, policymakers and practitioners in these areas. The Editorial Board is committed to welcome all the themes and areas in which research and scholarship is underrepresented, with a special focus on issues and challenges being confronted in this part of the world and in the rest of the world. The Journal shall publish peer-reviewed articles, research notes, features, short articles, special issues, and book reviews. Contributions of high technical merit spanning the breadth of engineering disciplines will be considered. Due to the fact that the themes of Big Data and Smart City go hand-in-hand, areas related to information security, data analytics, data mining, computing, sensor networks, and data privacy etc. have become an inevitable requirement not only for personal safety but also for assuring the sustainability of cities.

The topics of interest would include but are not limited to:

  • The sustainable and innovative architecture of a Smart City based on Big Data analytics
  • System design, modelling, and evaluation within a Smart City
  • Security, privacy, trust, and legal issues to big data
  • Big data collection and analysis for smart and connected communities
  • Urban computing and big data analytics
  • Social computing big data and networks for smart cities
  • Urban planning big data evaluation and assessment
  • Smart city big data governance and management
  • Data mining and machine learning for smart cities
  • Smart city transportation big data and analytics
  • Big data sensing and IoT frameworks and infrastructures
  • Big data infrastructures and warehouse for smart cities
  • Smart building big data evaluation
  • Big data modelling and frameworks for smart cities
  • Big data security and privacy for smart cities
  • Big data-based city environment monitor, analytics and prediction
  • Smart city open data
  • Creative use of technology for smart building and home
  • Smart cities and key issues in well being
  • Advanced communication systems and approaches for smart cities
  • New developments in smart cities and regions
  • Sensors, actuators and their networking in smart cities
  • Management, configuration, and deployment of smart city infrastructure
  • Energy-aware systems and technologies
  • Sustainable computing and communications
  • Computational intelligence and soft computing (genetic algorithm, neural networks, fuzzy logic)
  • Modelling of complex energy, mobility, health, society and e-government systems
  • Technologies for utility business transformation
  • Next-generation distribution systems, smart sensors
  • Impact of distributed energy resources, smart grid (Electric cars, demand response, distributed generations, storage)
  • Energy-efficient hardware and software solutions
  • Creative use of technologies to analyze and measure/assess well-being
  • Big data architecture, computer networks, network security
  • Storage architectures, grid computing, service-oriented architecture
  • Data privacy and security issues in intelligent systems
  • Cloud computing framework for big data processing
  • Data privacy and security issues in intelligent systems
  • Big data acquisition, preprocessing, data storage and management, knowledge management
  • Big data intelligent computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, image processing, bioinformatics
  • Big data analysis, applications
  • Modelling technology and systems for big data
  • Big data mining, data warehousing, big data visualization
  • Smart data for business intelligence, business process integration, and management
  • Explore standardized smart data formats and privacy & protection, data convergence
  • Evaluate best practices in smart data handling
  • Smart data for social entrepreneurship and community engagement
  • Market Opportunities in Smart Cities
  • Smart document and records management
  • Data warehousing and Business analytics
  • Case Studies and Innovative Applications

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