The Journal of Big Data and Smart City provides a platform for faculty members, designers, developers, students, scholars, researchers, and other participants belonging to this research community to share their research and innovative ideas. Contributions in the form of scholarly research papers, dissertations, research reports, and research ideas are welcome for submission. Many a time, faculty or student papers, dissertations or research grant proposals, projects, and research ideas are not adequately disseminated amongst the research community due to limited resources, or public platforms. Publishing research ideas helps to forge links between research teams situated in various geographical and educational contexts. This journal intends to fill this gap by providing a platform for students, faculty members, and other participants belonging to this research community to share their ideas, new projects, and research initiatives. In addition, this proposed journal is a response to the current limited provision of academic journals in the fields of Big Data and Smart City. The Advisory Board of this Journal will follow a blind peer review process after completing technical checks of the quality of paper, ethical procedures, and so on. As there is always a demand for quick processing of submitted publications so that researchers can receive credit for their innovative ideas, the Editorial Board will attempt to process submissions as quickly as possible. The Editorial Board may ask authors for a pre-submission review of their manuscripts before a formal peer review. The request for a formal review may include a Technical Editorial Review Team. The Journal has active support from Smart Knowledge Alliances, The Research Council, partner universities and other related professional bodies and partners, and professional associations in terms of reviewers, readers, and authors.